Friday, March 18, 2011

no no no before that

what a great reminder today of who's foundation was laid first on this earth. in genesis 1 please read what the first four words are. if you have the truly divine scriptures (as i do) you will be reading from the new american standard (of course i am joking). however the text states, "in the beginning god..."

before the troubles of my current state. before the rough edges that cut my character and temporarily mark me in this life. before the jagged corners of my existence were able to justly condemn me...




1 john 4:8 tells us that god is love. before our form and all the void that influences us, god knew us and was present in our foundation. because of this he has a richer and deeper claim and a governing authority in the decision of our fate. all the while in our existence god will continue to remind us of what is good, just as he did throughout the discourse of genesis 1. he is the author of goodness; the inventor of its mechanisms and only the author knows how their concepts operate best.

before the corruption that transformed what god created as good into possibilities of evil...
god was

during eve's entertainment of what would be the demise of us and likewise in the pursuit of disobedience...
god was

and to this day long after the seed of corruption has sprouted to produce a massive quantity of evil and destruction by our choosing, and by our earthly fathers...
god was and is

rejoice today that his claim on you predates that of your sin. he has not left you without a way to find him and reclaim what he has created for you to share with him. the power of the work of jesus christ (and only jesus christ) demonstrates for us that he has chosen to purchase us back.

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