Thursday, April 7, 2011

communal acquaintances

it is starting to become real. the other day as i walked around with titus in the stroller on a not to warm afternoon i came into contact with more than one individual whom i have met while going about getting settled into our home. i ran into the woman who helped with getting our internet set up while she was getting a sandwich on her lunch break, i also came across the lady who is helping with our integration and legal status here in waterloo, and while taking dutch to school on the bus there was a young woman who i have seen and talked to at the bus stop.

it is becoming even more real that english is not a barrier to knowing these people and becoming an influence. i have already begun my petitioning of the lord as to how i can impart something into their life. i owe this to the lord and his leading of us NOT living at the waterloo base, among many other reasons. i have felt troubled on some occasions because i cannot live there with my team and closest friends but the lord knows what he is doing for our influence in this city.

it has been wonderful and i hope that the light of god reveals his son thru our living in another part of the commune.

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Nikolaj Bourguignon said...

Have you read 'The Irresistable Revolution by Shane Claiborne? It talks about stuff like that. I have a copy (in English) that I could provide you with, if I haven't given it to someone else already.