Wednesday, June 23, 2010

shell shocked

what sort of things do you think work?
what sort of things need to change?
what sort of things are, quite frankly, doing more harm than good?
what things can make a difference if consistently applied?

most what are these questions referring? i believe in checking behaviors and re-checking them to maybe find where something will have a damaging effect, if not at least an undesirable one. i believe i see from this angle much more than not. i view my life thru this lens. because of this i feel as though it helps me bear fruit, as john put it, in keeping with repentance. it does this by quickly showing me that i will in fact choose myself all the time unless i get a second opinion, or better yet the word of god.

i think being this way enables me to take a road of skepticism i have never ventured before. i have shared my thoughts on this before, just not on this medium. to see something and wait for its completion, then wait for reaction, then wait for the reaction to the reaction all the while observing without displaying the slightest emotion as to take a side is a unique attribute. do i posses it? i think so but who am i to make that judgement?

i am thinking of what can only be described as a shell shocked church and their lack of application to this principle. this is the church that has one thing in mind...converts. this is to point to the tremendous growth (if it comes). this is the church with no plan for people after a true decision has been made to follow christ. this is the church that wants to make jesus cool for the masses of which whom already believe that he (jesus) is irrelevant to society at large. everything becomes very cute once the motto has become "lets get you saved, lets get you coming," but, again, with no real plan on transforming the heart. this church sets me off. i feel sometimes i am surrounded by this plasticity, living in the bible belt, that lends itself to religious compromise at the expense of what jesus came to die for. anyone with me?