Friday, July 31, 2009

a host of accomplices

i was laying in bed with my wife just chatting, before we both decided to go to sleep, about some things. liz sometimes, when she can't sleep right away, will read the news on her phone and check other things pertaining to her social networks. last night she had told me of this story.

we laid in bed talking about it for only a few minutes because liz was tired and not really interested in one my philosophical/theological discussions. i guess this blog is more the proper forum concerning what i was wanting to discuss.

this seems as though something so far fetched to happen to anyone i am familiar with or know. i understand that believing in jesus doesn't take all my problems away but i recognize that i live with and are involved with individuals who are so vulnerable to an attack of insanity. not any of my friends but people i come in contact with through work, school, and on the road etc. we hear about these tragedies often through the news media that is most popular. these kinds of stories are gripping and shocking and compel us to read, right? how many of us have a news source that is completely focused on producing news that reflects the good nature and intent of humanity? probably not many. from my perspective there is no such thing as good nature and intent of humanity? can we be good, yes. but more so evil i think. at the flip of a switch there is a great possibility of tragedy to befall any one of us BUT all this good that is not reported, all the lives that make it safely to there destinations, all those who are able to go to work in the air condition, all those that have a healthy family, all those who can even walk, must not forget that there is a source and this source is our creator and heavenly provider. this is my proposition:

god is the source of all things good, the devil is the source of all things evil, period. when tragedy befalls it is not the work or neglect of god but rather the work of the creator of that evil (satan). i believe there is room to open yourself up, to become more vulnerable, and ultimately expose yourself to the source of evil by simply living a regular, casual, and seemingly good intention lifestyle. god has a host of accomplices whom are what i believe to be angels who are assigned to protect us from said tragedies.

i could be wrong but i know that being in the will of god has greater meaning than what we see as external benefits. there are some very serious actions that the source of all evil attempts in the hopes of changing or altering not only our life but our ideas of how good god really is. and then these are diverted by the very goodness we so many times are not willing to focus on.

i was hoping people would chime in on what they believe to be true concerning this matter. if you didn't understand what i was talking about then tell me and i will try to clarify. my thoughts have a way of going faster than my fingers.

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