Monday, July 20, 2009

compromise of the unconquered

i was reading in the first chapter of judges and came across the last few versus which are significant. in verse 28 it states:

and it came about when israel became strong, that they put the canaanites to forced labor, but they did not drive them out completely.

it hit me how important it was for the israelites to not just conquer but overcome and drive out the already existing inhabitants. these inhabitants were a clear representation of the influence that draws us away from our creator. they were the harlot that drew the israelites into adultery. we read about the torment of compromising the covenant with god for the sake of finding a way on our own. i say on our own because, i am confident the mainstream thought running through the minds of the people was congruent with scripture..."make these inhabitants our work force." this, to me, seems appropriate and logical, does it not? make these influences work for us in order to further our opportunity. logical...yes, perfect! with one foot in the enemies camp, however the relationship is, dominant, friendly, cooperative, or strictly oppositional you have a foot IN the enemies camp. there will be a pull, there will be a stirring, there will always be, according to our heavenly father, a threat to the children he so loves to the point of death. god's words were clear to his children, "...behold i have given the land into his (judah) hand." and even before this event god's promise was the land flowing with milk and honey. his promise is not only a promise but an irrevocable motion. he can't go back on any part of his word. we can and do on many occasions interfere with "the motion" set in place. so the point here is the compromise of the unconquered. can we conquer? no, because we have no ability. we can overcome, we can drive out, we have been given that authority. jesus conquered through his blood and we overcome by his blood, we drive out by his blood. when we approach our creator may we have this at the forefront of our petitions and prayers. he is good, delight in him because you know he is good and has conquered. do not approach him as though you are on death row and he is the governor and there is a slight chance of a pardon. approach him as david suggest in psalm 37, delighting in him beforehand, it says, he will give you the desires of your heart.

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