Monday, May 19, 2014

What To Do

I love being a parent to 3 boys. They are so much fun to be around, especially when they get-a-long with each other. Some of the most amusing moments in life, right now, are hearing them talk about cars, sing songs to their favorite movies, and comment on how Jesus is the best bike rider. It is the greatest.

I have somewhat of a hard time deciding which is better for me in the mornings. When they don't get enough sleep they wake up with a disdain for life. Everything I ask of them is the equivalency of giving them the task of solving Schrodingers Equation of quantum physics. The glasses are passed out as the whine flows. "Want any cheese with that whine?"

However, when they get there sleep they are wide awake and ready to build a house in the morning. They run circles around me and it is a chore to keep them sitting still. There is no whine but there is certainly more noises in general. You know those kid noises that are loud and "jungle-istic" when you are just barely waking up? I am not a loud kind of person at home in the mornings.

Either way someone will be sacrificing their own desires...may the most humble win.

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