Thursday, April 10, 2014

Desperate Actions

It happens often enough. Your favorite team misses the coveted playoffs and you know exactly what needs to be done to ensure that this doesn't happen again. It is an action out of desperation.

We see crisis we react but so often we react in such a way as to potentially cause more harm than good. When we are desperate we tend to think irrationally. Out of desperation, thoughtless actions are formed and retained which can become destructive habits. Ironically, it is because of desperation we remain in a helpless state even when trying to produce the exact opposite state of being. But being desperate is not entirely a bad thing.

What really brings about this overwhelming sense of desperation in the first place? Certainly when the clock is ticking too close to a deadline there is a sense of panic. When we encounter crisis we tend to take on a feeling of independence. We feel like we are in a place of having to handle things on our own.

It is in this moment that the enemy loves to confuse us and our greater purpose. Our adversary wants us handling every event, circumstance, crisis, or situation with a mindset of independence. God, however, counts on inter-dependence.

1 John 5:4-5
To depend on God is to operate in faith. The trials and testings that occur, whether self inflicted or not, will always bring us to this crucial point of trusting God on a deeper level.

Trust God, He is so worth it.

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