Saturday, October 19, 2013

lessons learned

i had a little scare at the beginning of the month. every year the government requires what is called controle technique. it is the same thing as an inspection on the car.

the first time i went in to get it done it failed. the amount of pollution "dash" was putting into the air was well over the allowable limit. in addition to this there was a small fog light that was out. 

i had a few weeks to complete the necessary repairs before trouble came blowin through my way. i ended up taking it to a garage (mechanic) that specializes in volkswagens and i told him what the problem was. he looked at it; changed the fuel filter and put some chemicals in it to clean the tank. he told me, but didn't guarantee me, that it should pass this next time.

i was dreading the return to the temple of doom in halle, belgium. as i travelled out to the location of inspection i noticed my prayer language becoming fiercer. there is a young woman named faith from pennsylvania who is helping us with ministry needs here in belgium. she happened to be in the car with me for this re-check and i asked her to pray as she has never prayed before. on our way to the location i slowly come to a complete stop at a stop light only to hear a severe grinding in my brakes!

perfect! i need my car to fail this time because of the braking system. i was so paranoid and felt like the whole universe was against me (a little george costanza paranoia). i knew they were going to pull it around only to hear the grind and fail the car. 

well, the car past. they only checked the problems that registered of the last visit. 

but nowa bigger problem prevails...brakes. i only knew of one thing to do, google it, youtube it, find out how big of a problem i have on my hands. turns out brake pads were all i needed. they are not too expensive, around 40 euros, and changing them is easier than changing clothes. not that i am an expert but my buddy here in belgium helped me (thanks jon alderman).

lessons learned
1. don't freak out about things
2. someone else knows something about the problem
3. google it
4. don't just pay a garage to do the work

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