Saturday, October 5, 2013

glimpse at omnipotence

i like to drive. when the family gets in the car and we are headed out somewhere, long distance or short it doesn't matter, i will without hesitation jump into the drivers seat. ok, i will admit that i do have a hard time sitting shotgun when liz is driving, but in my defense, it is not just her it is anyone driving. i just love having control of the wheel. even more than this i have grown to love driving a standard car again. i don't know how to explain it, i just feel like i have such control of the machine as i maneuver, with precision and safety, throughout the city.

i know only a few people who share the love for the drivers seat. i can recall in high school having friends older than i was and they would reach the driving age first. most of our hangouts would consist of them talking about how they were sick of driving my butt around. they would inform me that when i received my license that i was going to be driving a lot, you know, to make up for all the times they had to drive me around.

as a king, david had to regularly make decisions. especially decisions of great importance and priority for israel. david must have had many struggles with certain decisions knowing that they carried consequences. the great thing about our glimpse into the psalms is that we not only see david's practical struggles but also his spiritual struggles. we get a view into davids world which we understand, really, to be a great picture of god's sovereignty and omnipotence and less about a king who had great struggles.

i love the clarity of the shift in psalm 6 as we witness the ego of david slowly turn to the praise and admiration of a good god. in verse 6 david breaks and declares he is done and can't go on trying to figure this out. he releases a control over the circumstance and removes himself from the driver's seat. this identifies with me so well, as a man who enjoys to be in control and drive the machine.

in the emptiness of my despair god pours in with his omnipotence. a glimpse of god's omnipotence will give me a perspective of my circumstance for what it really is...

1. satan is a coward, a re-treating, and defeated enemy of righteousness

2. god's size easily overtakes the size of my problems which leaves no room for worry or anxiety

3. looking for god's goodness, consequently, strengthens discernment which prepares me for future decisions of challenging events

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