Saturday, September 14, 2013

lover of revenge

it has always been a frustration for me when deceit and rebellion are able to get away without a charge. around the globe, rebellion, even as i type this, is celebrated. uprisings are forming in the remote parts of the world and it seems that at any time chaos can explode like a virus on an vulnerable host. this is not an argument for the happenings within the middle east, nor any current event. these events do, however, help shape a thought that is the context in psalm 5.

i went to a private school growing up, founded on biblical principles and intentional in shaping not just character but spiritual life as well. education was a priority, and the spiritual state of the heart was very important in how the leadership viewed students and ran the school.

i ran with the crowd that seemed to live life right on the edge of knowing the goodness of the lord and yet struggling with temptation of living life how we felt was good and right. what this meant was i witnessed and partook of things that went directly opposed to the life i knew was righteous and godly. i will never forget many of the nights that i said yes to activity that i knew grieved the spirit and god's plan for my life. i grew discontent however; praise the lord my heart never became complacent.

there were so many issues i had with the lifestyle i was leading. in school i was intentional in how i wanted to be viewed...a good kid, yet outside of school i lived a different story. this is very similar to how as grown-ups we live our lives in and out of sunday morning. i grew even more frustrated as i grieved the holy spirit.

my frustration was directed at the blatant deceit and corruption that was not receiving discipline. i knew too much that was going on, and i knew exactly how i was meant to live my life, and i hated that rebellion was escaping judgment. to make matters worse, i never felt as though there was an acknowledgement about how i ended up refusing, in may cases, the rebellious lifestyle. there was no elevation, promotion, or attention brought to me as an example of godliness and righteousness when i chose the good and righteous standards. this became a frustrating seed in my life that i still struggle with to this day. i will always hate the fact that sin has a season of flourishing.

god help me to stand strong on your word and your promises.

in psalm 5, we find that as a servant of the king (saul) there is many deceptions going on that frustrate david. lies, bloodshed, corruption, and evil are abound and david has no power to correct this trend. in this moment, likewise, we often find ourselves face to face with an opportunity, as i did, and still do many times to react to committed wrongdoings. we can be bitter, envious, take matters into our own hands, or we can do, as god by his spirit urges us to him. not easy, and not always fun. get on your knees, pray for the solution to unfold and even more importantly pray that you gain eyes to see and ears to hear and witness this unfolding.

what does david do here in psalm 5?

god hear me (vs 1-6) - daily begin with an urgent confession of your need for god's ears to hear you. c.s. lewis said it best, "i pray because the need flows out of me all the time, waking and sleeping. it doesn't change god, it changes me."

ask for direction (vs 7-8) - prayer is a discussion; a dialogue with your maker. when you pray, listen for god's response. god will respond, give him a moment to do so, quiet your soul.

ask for protection (9-10) - our culture is fast to respond and react in vengeance. our opinions are shaped quicker than the evidence unfolds. i wanted to take revenge, you will too. even if it is a passive aggressive approach, it still is us taking matters into our own hands. pray for protection against using your hands to do your own will.

ask and look for the blessing (11-12) - there is favor for those who practice righteousness, there is a shield that protects, look for it. ask the lord for eyes to see and ears to ear the blessings he brings upon your life. the temptation is to only find acknowledgement as a blessing, "you are so righteous," or, "look how good and perfect that guy/girl is." this won't always be the case, let the praise come as it does, but i know god has intentions for better gifts than our earthly leaders and fathers could ever think to offer...look for his gifts and rewards, his blessings are going to last.

be blessed to know that vengeance is the lords and he does not neglect, nor forget.

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