Saturday, September 21, 2013

contemplation produces devotion

as i engage myself in god's presence and sing god's praises scripture becomes truth. there is transformation that takes place when god inhabits my praises; it is in him that we are able to move, live, have our being. an awakened and conscious heart deepens upon our engagement in praise, worship, and daily adoration. acknowledging god's place subsequently we find healing in areas of our life we didn't even realize we needed healing.

our praise invites an understanding of god's greater character, looking at it next to ours
our praise invites a righteous and holy fear of a god truly set apart from any other
our praise invites a profound trust, or you might refer to it as faith; an assurance

only true love can be a reality when trust has been established. skepticism of god cripples and melts like wax upon a genuine meeting of him, the only one that can truly be trusted. i can't find any other path to the knowledge of god outside of worship unto him through his son, jesus christ. if he is the only completely faithful person, wouldn't you want to know him?

romans 1 tells us that people begin to make outlandish and ridiculous claims about who god really is because their praise, honor, and worship of him ceases.

an empty love is one without trust. if i confess love for my wife but cannot trust her it is not is infatuation.

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