Friday, February 15, 2013

Psalm 2

why the big noise nations?
why the corrupted plots?
people and earth leaders push for positions
delegates and demagogues meet for summit talks

god deniers, jesus christ defiers, "lets get free from this god!"
you can't lose the messiah
heaven throned god breaks out laughing
amused at first by such an opinion then responds with holy fire

furiously, he shuts them up
haven't you heard there's already a king in zion
a great feast a coronation banquet, a spread for him
he resides eternally on this holy mountain

as if god isn't love enough
he gives his son, emmanuel's birth 
god gives him what he wants
name it, proclaim it!
continents as a prize and the nations as a present

they continue to adore power, fame, and cash
tell them an unconditional love and unmerited favor, show them forgiveness is my pocketbook stash
invite them all to dance with you
or let them out with tomorrow's trash

hear this loud and clear judges and kings, learn your lesson
worship god, embrace, and celebrate in adoration
come to this messiah king who began life in a manger
our very lives are in danger and with no need to know his anger

make a run for god there is too much talk for a song
don't try to calculate it, speculate, or contemplate it
learn from a witness of life and satisfaction
i promise you won't regret it

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