Tuesday, January 22, 2013

not this morning

this morning was unusually tough for me. not because i had to get up. not because i had to go to work. not because i had to drink a bad cup of coffee. not because of traffic on the way to the commission prayer room (although any kind of traffic is a very tough place for me).

this morning my five year old son told me he didn't need my help walking all the way to his classroom door!

our routine is very regular...i guess the fact that it is a routine makes this obvious. we enter the front doors for his school, he precedes to the bathroom where he still does the little boy pee-pee. you know, when little boys have to pull their pants all the way to the ground exposing their butt. i'm trying to teach him not to do this anymore. he then comes out where i proceed to walk with dutch and tites to the front door of dutch's class through the schoolyard. it is about a 20 yard walk.

not this morning : (

he looks up at me when we walk in and says, "daddy, i am going to go potty and you can just take tites to his school now." i was in shock and stood there just to make sure everything actually was going to be ok. he turned to me and said, "can you go please." i have to admit i was crushed on the inside.

i will also admit that some mornings i am eager to get him to school and get tites to his class in order to get to what i need to do. not because i don't want them for the day but because they too need to be on time for things. but the actual day he doesn't want my help...well, it's pretty sobering.

my little man is not so little any more. every night when i pray for him and his life i can't help but know that god is in control of his life. i'm excited for this new adventure of maturity for him.

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Kari Lowrie said...

Oh. no. Just last night I was looking at the video of him spinning in the kitchen floor in your house on Ola Lane, marveling at how much he has grown, looking at the picture of his wild hair in Hawaii when he was just barely a year old. Not Dutch "baby" anymore!
But these next years will be great fun!