Wednesday, October 6, 2010

like 6 years ago

its beginning to hit me that i will be leaving for belgium in just a few short weeks. i can't believe this is real and it is happening. if i were to tell you about the detailed work of the lord i would be committing a blogger no-no (too long of a post). i am already one who does not hold to that rule as much as i should.

as of recently liz and i have found how expensive it will be just to get ourselves over there, with our kids this time. yeah it's not cheap. i think the strangest work of god is using the establishment liz and i despised for so long to be the actual instrument he has used to get us over to belgium and minister...her work place. sheesh, i think that is a blog in and of itself. maybe even a book. but here we are a few weeks out and this job of liz's is something we have now seen as an arm of the lord for our good. did you hear me right, this, this thing, this utterly disgusting and dead-end job for liz has transformed our lives by the working of the holy spirit. i don't have words to express my understanding. even when liz marched into our apartment when we first were married and told me that she was done with this job (this was like 6 yrs ago) i felt so bad because of her feelings of frustration. so all i have is my thoughts, which are not always communicated effectively out loud, and my pen and journal.

all i can say is that god is good. not because he has given me what i wanted, but because he has used what i didn't want, to make me what he wanted. man it is truly a miraculous testimony that i hope to be able to share with each and everyone of you...another day.


becki said...

I love it. Your perseverance has paid off and it's a huge encouragement to me to see how much that place is blessing what you're doing now.

monica said...

God IS good! What an encouraging post, Zach! I'm going to quote you.

LIZZY said...

yes, i can definitely say at this stage in my life, i know what it sounds like when God says 'no'. :) and that many times, his "no's" are a small part of a very big 'yes' that i wasn't aware of at the time.

i am excited to start this new adventure with you. you're pretty much my favourite person ever.

bullets said...

becks, it is truly astonishing what god uses despite our frustrations as liz points out in her comment.

mon, please feel free to quote me at any time. i am glad god's revelation for me could be an encouragement to you just the same.