Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the d word

tonight at the gathering i am fortunate to be able to share on divorce. i have roughly 20 minutes which is waaaaaaaaay to short of a time slot on this extremely important issue in the church, and even outside the church for that matter. so in order to appease myself i will be opening up my blog for a broader and more in depth revelation that i have received. i wish i had a week to share all my thoughts and all that i have found on this issue but unfortunately i do not. so look for the notes in the coming days.



Veronica said...

D- is something as a christian woman after His own heart I struggled with severely! I bought book after book about the Bible and D... And finally realized through talking personally with the Lord that he forgave me as soon as it happened and that it was as far gone as ten years ago. I was truly worried about my second husbands salvation and whether or not he was committing adultery by marrying me... I realized that through the actions of my first husband that my divorce was directed by God himself. Thats the part I struggled with- I had to learn to accept that He does NOT make mistakes- people do- He rights them.. And blessed be He sure did! Im excited for you to talk about this subject but bummed you get so little time!

daniel said...

Just ask yourself "what would Josh Briscoe do?"

The answer: at least a 2 hour message.

bullets said...

v, i think it is absolutely essential for one to be able to admit they make mistakes and move into asking forgiveness. i think that is the only way relationships actually grow despite what our mind might think is ideal.

admission of personal wrong doing = growth
focusing on the others' wrong doing = retardation

this is truly paradoxical when our natural minds are attempting to find an explanation

bullets said...

i have chosen to put my WWJ (josh) D passion into the blogosphere. hopefully it won't take you 2 hours to read it.