Tuesday, September 14, 2010

part 2: stepping out of the goo

...it's not that i think there isn't any opposition or enough criticism or even critical analysis. i believe it is extremely evident in our nations leaders that we have plenty of criticism and opposition...i would say we have a plethora of criticism (for those who appreciate clean comedic relief). even within every facet of every societal function criticism exists into the smallest form. it seems to abound in efforts to expose heresies and hypocrisy in people. so we have plenty of it, except on one level i seem to find that we tip the scale and that level is...self. the word of god is an instrument, i believe, meant to critique every thought, every motive, and every behavior in our existence on a daily basis. whats the problem?...its got to be a daily basis. oh let us return to the god breathed text as authority over our lives and the governor of our hearts.

you might be thinking, "what about those individuals who take scripture, twist, distort, and pollute it by pulling text out to confirm half truths of their own agenda?" absolutely they exist, and they constitute those in whom i am referring who are part of the problem. how about those individuals, i would respond, who should know enough reformation has taken place in order to understand gods ablility to speak to them personally, one on one, so that instead of confirming the heretical lunacy of their pastor/leader/priest they are able to hear from god on their own and follow a true shepherd who follows christ and acknowledging his being the only way? again, we come back to this issue of self-criticism (which, for the record, is NOT the same thing as negative self-talk. i think it is pretty clear throughout scripture that god is not for destructing those whom he has created for himself).

we don't live in a culture where we are to worry about too much self-criticism. quite the contrary, we live in an age where we get what we want when we want it unbeknownst to the effects of its abuse upon our lives. think about how ridiculous it is we can, at the push of a button (ok more like 2 or 3), find out how many starbucks' are within a 5 mile radius. this is in reference to an ability we occupy to live way beyond our means...and why? because we don't critique ourselves.

let us not suppose, as i mentioned briefly before, that by self-criticism i mean we are locked in a dark room with no windows and in a fetal position, or rocking back and forth professing, "woe is me." i mean, reading the word of god, finding his truth, and admitting it needs to correct us. quite possible depression takes root not because of the circumstances alone but because you have tried for fulfillment over and over and over and over and have not found anything to sustain you like god promises his truth would. jesus said this in john 8:31-32 "...if you continue in my word...you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free." when you begin to look at things outside the word that have aroma's and elements of truth of god of course it will capture your heart.

to some degree i wonder if not everything created is still god's truth. even the atheist that denies his existence was created by god, no? the decision is of a truth that has been created for them...free will. in addition, if they die without acknowledging christ as lord they then become apart of another known truth that was created by a loving god, hell. by god telling them to depart from him he is righteously hating sin as he has always done even from the beginning of time.

i close with this statement...i am not opposed to literature outside of the bible; i too hope to write a book one day...

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