Monday, May 31, 2010

be apart of something that will do something to help someone somewhere

some of you know i love to help people. especially those who may not seem to be able to help themselves. i am in love with the thought of growing up in the south and seeing myself during the united states' most troubled moments of racial tension. i pray that if i grew up during the heated and tense moments of the civil rights movement i would have been an individual who stood for the freedoms of black people and other minorities. i think of the atrocities that occurred, i think of the heros that made today possible, and i wish i would have been able to provide further assistance. i had one of those moments in belgium this last trip. most of you know my wife and i took our youngest son titus across the atlantic to visit our good friends and ministry partners of ninth hour this last month. we learned still yet of what god desires of us in our journey thru his wonderful world we call life. attached is a song that captivates me in such a way that i feel time travel is possible. i travel back in time and right everything that went wrong. i correct all the mistakes that we now reap the consequences of such actions. the song is entitled emancipation and i know i have shared of its brilliance before. it captures all that i wish to be able to write and record in music someday. upon this latest trip to belgium i was able to minister inside an apartment that was meant for teaching prostitutes and those forced against their will to work in the sex industry in antwerp. all i accomplished was the assembly of a cabinet that will be used for storage. it was cheap, somewhat easy to assemble (minus the language problem), and it was from ikea. yet upon completion i found myself yearning for more and a desire that was comparable to that feeling i get when i think of "civil rights activist zach." i longed for the freedom of those bound against their will and even those who are fooled into thinking this is what they want, but you know that if they were presented with another "way" they would gladly accept.

it was burned in me

it was engraved in me

and i find that upon further research i too can be apart of something that will do something to help someone somewhere. i found this organization called payoke and upon reading i found them describing their immediate effort was to provide emancipation for those used in trafficking for sex. and would you believe it they are located right in antwerp, only an hours drive from brussels. this continues to ring inside my head. i can't let it go. i feel as though my services to offer, considering my educational background, provide me with an enormous amount of potential. i believe god has expanded my horizons.

look out november...emancipation is on its way.

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