Tuesday, January 6, 2015

God's Promise For 2015

Happy New Year!!!

Those 3 words are surreal at this moment. It seems only yesterday I was sitting around the Christmas tree with my family celebrating Christmas here in Belgium, which was last year. This Christmas, however, was different than last years Christmas. This year my whole family was able to enjoy the comfort of a Christmas in Texas with my parents. It was truly a joy to witness my 3 boys run through the living room of my mom and dad's house being noisy and so full of energy. I am sure the countless substances, full of sugar were not helping either.

2015 really has snuck up on me. Maybe it has for you as well. Maybe you aren't exactly ready for 2015, and all that it has to offer. Maybe there are still things from 2014 that are left undone, or discouragement is keeping you from seeing this next year as a promising new chapter.

Today at church I heard a great word from Dr. Joseph Dimitrov that brought a sense of assurance and peace to my heart...

You have crowned the year with Your bounty, and Your paths drip with fatness.
Ps 65:11

Meditate on the reality that God is outside of time and has already witnessed all that 2015 has to offer. He is not bound by 2014's disappointments, nor is He shaken by 2014's regrets. God knows your past, and even greater, He knows your future. Rest in the assurance that you are more valuable to Him than the flowers that He clothes with beauty, or the birds of the sky that He feeds everyday. He has crowned this next year with HIS goodness. Let go of the past and what is frozen in time, do not worry about tomorrow and what it might bring. Lay hold of God's promise that this year is crowned with His bounty, and look for it. 

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