Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Leaders & Followers

"I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught"
Winston Churchill

I am getting excited. Why? Because it is getting close to the beginning of a new season. I have a 6 year old starting primary, a 4 year old going to 3rd maternelle, and a 2 year old who will join his big brothers in school, but not until next February.

The summer in Belgium is a very slow part of the year. If you are a minister who places a high value in momentum then Belgium would eat you alive. Seriously, everything from restaurants to churches will take a holiday break and go on vacation for a month or so. It certainly grinds my American-church-mentality gears. Nevertheless, I press on because flexibility is essential for ministry here as well.

As we enter into 4 years of being over here in Europe one of the things I have been realizing is the gap between passionate young people who are really wanting to grow in ministry and the reality of them being able to exercise that passion. Please be in prayer concerning these issues. The hardship of leaders releasing more and more to the next generation of leaders is somewhat alarming. Leaders face the challenge of trusting this upcoming passion. It is difficult to see a fruition of young potential leaders who are so easily given to temporary pleasure. It makes it incredibly difficult for leaders to give "control" and take a step back. Everyone is wanting the same thing but the waters become muddy when agendas are placed in the forefront. Dissension grows because the visions become blurry due to these agendas. If doors are shut too early potential leaders, troubled by obstacles, become defeated before they are even given a chance. They either will give up, or worse leave the calling all together, thus, confirming for established leadership that the passion is a divisive one or it is not capable of handling the burdens of spiritual matters.

Pray for leaders to trust that God's hand is on up-and-coming, passionate, young people.
Pray for leaders to believe that God's desire is to expand His influence and kingdom which means more pastors, evangelists, and churches will be needed.
Pray for leaders to trust God is not closing the door on them being used for his kingdom when they open the door for opportunity to a younger less skilled individual.
Pray for leaders to find a value in taking a risk, more than protecting their reputation, even when the idea is challenging to their very reputation.

Pray for potential leaders to recognize how to honor their leaders.
Pray for potential leaders to not give up when season after season the doors seem to stay shut on them.
Pray for potential leaders to boldly walk in when the door of opportunity proves to be open for them.
Pray for potential leaders to trust God is using godly men and women to give wisdom and maturity.
Pray for potential leaders to remain faithful and that they will continue to grow in their work ethic.

Pray for Belgium to change the reputation of being a graveyard for ministers.

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