Monday, December 9, 2013

tax the rich

i've become quite a good hand gesture-er. no, not "that" gesture, but flailing arms and pointing violently. some might say i am a very good power-point-presenter ; )

i notice it more when i am driving. living in belgium, you get used to really having to look for parking spots. so, during this, the holiday season, emotions run high, energy is maximized, and patience is very
i went shopping for the boys last wednesday. the boys have st. nicolas day on the 6th, their birthday on the 10th, and christmas right around the corner. so liz and i prefer to get all this done in one sweep of a day, if we can. we covered 5 stores in less than 2 hours, much of that is because i shop fast.

because i am so clever and could figure out how to make everyone happy, i think those making above a certain standard income should either
1. hire someone to do their shopping for them, or
2. shop online.
please, rich people, for the love of the holiday season, don't bring your i-deserve-to-be-in-front-of-every-line attitude to the stores where us poor people are use to having to wait for service. you in the midst of us commoners, displaying disgust and frustration, only makes it worse for us. we can contribute to impatience on our own we don't need anymore help.

i know that if we work together to enforce this reform the christmas season would be enjoyable for ALL of us. think about it, if the rich were taxed…
1. it would create jobs for people to work for them doing their shopping
2. could also reduce the amount of traffic in stores, parking lots, and roads
3. enable the poor people to get through the lines faster
4. increase revenue for online businesses

it's a win win for EVERYONE. it's what santa would want for us, and it will only improve the lives of our children's children. unless of course, you are not excited about your kids having children.

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