Monday, December 3, 2012


i am excited about many things. 

i am excited to have found a house for my family. 

i am excited to have gained a severe amount of interest in the training school we are starting here in brussels. 

i am excited to enter a new season with a renewed sense of purpose. 

i am excited about seeing my new little man's personality bloom

i am excited to be able to do what god has purposed me to do

i am excited to have a strengthened sense of faith in god's provision.

there is still so much i know god is doing in me and through me. i am excited to see the things god has in store for me in 2012 unfold over these last few weeks.

get excited because jesus paid for it!

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Kari Lowrie said...

YES!! Get excited!! The blessing of the Lord is what makes people rich, and He doesn't mix sorrow with it!! Proverbs 10:22 This is my verse for my next year and I will share it with you!