Sunday, October 2, 2011

we would not suffer defeat

being in europe my thoughts gravitate towards the history of this land. one of the most significant events that took place across this landscape was world war 2. fortunately i am allowed a distance and allowed only to read, study, and imagine what took place. i can only come as close as the internet will allow me to the atrocities and fear that gripped the people who were under the nazi regime.

when we look closer at the battles and movement we are made aware, in hindsight, as to what specific key decisions ultimately determined the demise of hitlers german force. not conquering britian; failing to defend the invasion at normandy; germany's allies, japan, invading pearl harbor thus inviting the united states into the war; the demise of panzer group 4, which could not advance any further into soviet territory. as described by general erich hoepner...

we have reached our upmost limit, with physical and mental exhaustion, unbearable shortage of personnel, and lack of winter clothing.

later stating...

my 22 divisions face 43 russian divisions, none of my divisions is capable of attack or of defending against a stronger force. all my positions are endangered. no fuel, no food for the horses, the soldiers fall asleep standing, everything is frozen, the soil is frozen a meter deep, which makes digging impossible.

this was arguably the beginning of the end. it was 3 and a half years later that hitler's forces were finally defeated. it reminds me of the proverb for want of a nail:

for want of a nail a shoe was lost
for want of a shoe the horse was lost
for want of a horse the rider was lost
for want of a rider the battle was lost
for want of a battle the kingdom was lost
all for the want of a horseshoe nail

our reality dictates that there are 2 forces at play. 2 forces that are supernatural and in many circumstances dip into our natural world.

ninth hour hosted a team earlier this month from our home church of shady grove that served in the prophetic. while we (ninth hour) engage in warfare we many times feel the pressures of a resistant force that at anytime (if not balanced with a divine supernatural perspective) we could lose our ground to our dark adversary. the prophetic team went through our areas of influence and victoriously proved to point to a unlimited god with unlimited resources of love, encouragement, and goodness to the people of europe. ministering to young, ministering to old, ministering to the lost and ministering to the beloved in christ they departed leaving with us an ever more confidence in the god we serve.

god is without limit, god is abundant in resources and everlasting in refreshment. psalm 16:11 says that he will make known to us the path of life; in his presence is fullness of joy; in his right hand there are pleasures forever. the ninth hour team is forever grateful for the team that came and served in the prophetic. although we reside here in belgium, we are allied with many across the world with a united vision to see people awakened to the heart of the father towards his people.

even momma anita would not falter to the unfriendly landscape that tried to keep her in the car or in a seat.

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