Wednesday, November 10, 2010

jesus satisfies his bride

continuing on divorce and marriage...

isaiah 54:5-6
jeremiah 3:20
ezekial 16:8
hosea 2:19-20

these verses indicate god's desire and proactive approach towards the healing of individuals with marriage as the ointment, so to speak. what we can conclude from scripture is the following:

1. marriage fills the earth with a witness of the relationship between him and his people. this is one reason why divorce and re-marriage are so serious and should not be pursued. they do not tell the accurate story of god and his people
2. marriage not only reveals his unconditional love but also his profound mercy and patience...and all of it is unconditional
3. marriage shows his goodness and fidelity. so divorce, discord, and division obscure this image
4. marriage reflects the gospel in the image of jesus christ: forgiveness, long-suffering, compassion, unconditional grace, covenant and humility

god is radical and not accommodating. our world needs to see a church that is so satisfied in christ that its marriages are not abandon for anything even something as emotional neglect. the deepest meaning of marriage is the covenant keeping faithfulness of christ to his church despite their infidelity, abuse, or emotional disconnect, he will never divorce her.


Veronica said...

Unless he isnt present in said "Marriage"

bullets said...

i think i know what you are saying v, but just to be clear are you talking about if jesus is not present in the marriage or the man?

Judith said...

I am glad that you are doing this study on divorce and marriage. I'm interested in reading your thoughts.

I believe divorce shouldn't be an option. And remarriage is adultery. The church needs to go back to the Bible and follow it instead of what makes them happy and having grace for the people that continue to sin without repentance. Grace is being abused in churches today.

I'm actually praying for a friend who started dating a married woman and helped her get a divorce, and most in the church are ok with it because supposedly her husband cheated on her. They shouldn't be ok with it and supporting and ecouraging it. And the ones that stand up and call it adultery are treated very badly. The Bible says if you remarry you are committing adultery.

bullets said...

judith, i passionately believe in what you have so accurately described as "returning to the bible." the last few previous posts address the issue of divorce. thanks for stopping by and making your comment. i look forward to hearing from you again.

Veronica said...