Thursday, January 1, 2009

thanks dad...i think

i was thinking the other day about my dad, and how he is not limited by societal faux pas. he is a guy who will at the most random times blurt out his mind even if he is aware of the present company shunning in embarrassment. he is not affected. i guess many would agree that i too have carried, if anything, this lowrie trait on into the next generation. i don't mind, on some occasions, to poke fun and jest at what society has taught us to be and blatantly refuse to acknowledge and pay homage to her education or conditioning of humanity. i think many of us fall prey to cultural cues and participate and encourage something that really has no business being propagated in the first place. need an example? well let me share example i thought of. now with the disclaimer stated, this opinion will make some uncomfortable...but i, carrying the lowrie laisse-faire mentality will continue in my example. sex is something that is broadcast over thousands of tv sets and the references to it, which in high school andrew heep and i would use the term sexual nintendo for innuendo, are just as palpable. people talk about it, people do it, and our favorite characters on every tv show imaginable perform it, right? well, tv shows current anyways. how dare i throw the cosby show, growning pains, or any other show prior to the late eighties under the bus. the way i believe our culture has run sex into the ground and made it a joke and casual entity of everyday life is not because of the intelligence of writers, or producers, not because of the inspiration of satan, but because of the lack of discussion inside the house amongst proper educators. when i was growing up i would hate to talk about sex with my parents, as would any teenager, because of the very idea of thinking about my parents having sex repulsed me. thanks to my dad he was not interested in how i felt about sexual discussion. he did not pressure sexual talks but he was not quick to hide his thoughts about its importance and the power behind it. he would mainly communicate in a comical manner but he was not grotesque. i guess i can only compare it to how jerry, kramer and the whole seinfeld gang had approached sex; quirky little gestures in reference to different sexual things. ultimately most of what i learned about sex, i am safe to say, was from my parents. i guess in some ways i am still learning, but the basics i got down pretty cold. yes, my dad risked disgusting me when he talked about sex but the only reason i found it to be abnormal or unpleasant was because of the conditioning society had already birthed (no pun intended) inside my mind about sex. my dad didn't give me the idea that him with my mom having sex was gross. who gave me that idea? i think this is where the enemy comes into play. why is it the discomfort of talking about sex is only with those individuals whom are ordained, destined, or fated, to teach us about the sexual nature of human beings? what is good, what is ok, and what should i understand about the spiritual implications...these are all things that young people need to know about sex. so what i have observed is, not anything new, talking about sex with your fated educators is labeled gross and repulsive, conversely, getting the teaching from tv shows, "sexual nintendos" and porn is all something that is labeled appropriate by our culture. what i am encouraging parents to do is to be more open with sex with their kids. i am encouraging parents to be completely honest about all issues related to sexual intimacy no matter how grossed out a teenaged offspring might find it. there is a fear for parents to talk about this taboo subject with their young. many parents think that, "if i don't say anything, they will be ok, they will be fine," or "they will be normal." i have reason to believe it will NOT be ok. observation tells us otherwise. the prince of lies has been able to flourish and prey on young minds and hearts too long because of this mindset that silence is opposition. the prince of darkness loves when followers of god are silent. silence is not opposition, but rather, silence is submission, regardless of whom you claim to serve. you serve satan, you are silent about growing issues, you further satan's cause, on the other hand, you serve god, you remain silent you still further satan's cause. why does that equation not work for god? this earth is cursed, living here makes you cursed unless you actively pursue otherwise; unless you actively engage your heart otherwise. silence furthers the curse and grip of satan and his dark force.

deuteronomy 6:7
you shall teach them (statutes, ordinances) diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up.

well, i guess a thanks is in order to my father for not submitting to silence concerning taboo topics. he talked about other stuff too but much of that other stuff was boring and only funny to him at the time.

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Brad Shull said...

I learned about Sex from a 4th grader on my school bus when I was in 2nd grade. He would come up to the front of the bus and just randomly start telling us all about it. I pretty much learned everything I needed to know from that 4h grader. Good times!